The Full Story


Gina and Lyndsey began working together in Frome in 1994.

They jointly formed BODYbasics in 1999 and opened their Studio at Frome Football Club. 

Lyndsey left to open her own studio some 15 years later, but they have remained great friends and supporters of each others work throughout. 

Time has gone full circle and now they are joining forces once more, combining their skills to bring a premium schedule of classes to the people of Frome. 


We are all about making FITNESS FUN!  After all, we believe that if it is fun, you'll come back and do it again and again, and therein lies the answer. 


NO ONE can get you fit in one-off sessions. Fitness is something you have to factor in regularly and often for it to have any real lasting effect. So why make it unenjoyable??


That's why our number 1 aim when we first meet you is to make sure you ENJOY yourself!  Have fun. Be kind to yourself. Come back.... again and again... and you WILL reap those benefits....


Everyone has hopes, dreams and goals. 

Ours are to be able to continue the good work we've been doing for three decades, continuing to help people to stay healthy through movement and to continue to build our community fitness business to reach even more people along the way