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BODYbasics Online is here!

Our online service is designed to keep you happily moving throughout these difficult times of covid-19. 

We have a broad range of classes for 'on demand' use - these are pre-recorded sessions of varying length, styles and intensities, so there is something to suit everyone whether a full hour's class or a short fifteen minute wake and shake, at any time of the day! 

We also have classes which are streamed via zoom. When restrictions permit, we are able to teach face2face classes in our various venues, and we dual-teach some of these so we have people in the room, and people on zoom, at the same time. This has proven to be really successful and helps us all feel more connected - we try to make time before class to catch up with each other which has helped with feelings of isolation, particularly for those who have not been able to leave their homes very often. 

We are also now (at the time of writing, October 2020) preparing for more ways to zoom more classes, should we need to undergo another lockdown period. 

You can join at any time, but it is important to note that access codes for the on demand videos change on Mondays. To get the most out of the service, we advise you to sign up over the weekend, ahead of the Monday code change deadline.  

We use GYMCATCH to host our booking and payment systems, and you'll find all our available packages as well as zoom and f2f schedule on this link:

A week's unlimited access costs just £10, and a four-week booking carries a 10% discount, costing just £38, for all the videos AND all the zooms. 

You can also book and pay for single sessions, if preferred. 

Any questions? Please text Gina on 

07968 329411

Have fun, and please keep in touch with your feedback! 


  • Virtual, on demand

  • Livestreamed, via zoom


  • Zumba

      The original dance fitness party

  • Zumba Gold

      Same great programme, lower intensity

  • Zumba Toning                                               

      Added focus on Toning with weighted shaker sticks

  • Clubbercise                                                      Aerobic dance to great club music

  • ClubMix                                               

      Combining Toning and Aerobics

  • Kettlebells                                                                A great class for strength and toning 

  • VeraFlow                                                          Dance fused with Stretch and mindfulness

  • BoxFit                                                            Bringing basic boxing moves and drills to the group X Fitness format. 

  • Circuits                                                             Mixing up the workout to bring variety and results.

  • Bums Legs and Tums                                Traditional fitness targeting those all-important areas 

  • Burlesque                                                       - Sassy not trashy, dance fitness with a hint of Diva

  • SuperStretch - All bodies need a good stretch to promote healthy movement

  • Mature Movers 

      Traditional Fitness for  Older Adults

  • BODY Reboot - The natural reaction to lockdown. Many of us have lost or slowed down on our fitness, and need a subtle reintroduction to restore health.


Live, Face2face classes are also available via Gymcatch when permitted

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