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Exercising in a group, with like-minded people, is incredibly motivating and can support you in your quest for fitness.

We are proud of the community we have built in our town over the last thirty years! 

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Core Fitness


Our Mission Statement

We are all about making FITNESS FUN!  After all, we believe that if it is fun, you'll come back and do it again and again, and therein lies the answer. 









NO ONE can get you fit in one-off sessions. Fitness is something you have to factor in regularly and often for it to have any real lasting effect. So why make it unenjoyable??


That's why our number 1 aim when we first meet you is to make sure you ENJOY yourself!  Have fun. Be kind to yourself. Come back.... again and again... and you WILL reap those benefits....

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dance fitness

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K b

Online Bums and tums was just like being in class on Wednesday - really good, and loving the cat!  I liked Mich and Maz too, you have done a grand job, well done to you all x 

sharon brookes

Great class with Gina tonight with some classic Zumba tunes and one of my fave Salsa routines to Michael Jackson, topped off with “You to me are everything”. Perfection!

lesley lee

Amazing instructors with a wide variety of classes to suit all, friendly, helpful and such a fun way of keeping fit


Noreen ward

You are doing a great job all of you and you have loads of skills. <3

Keep doing what you are doing you are all great! <3 xx

Your classes keep getting better and better



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BODYbasics at The Studio,

5 Handlemaker Road

Marston Trading Estate,


BA11 4RW

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