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We are very conscious of people's need to get fit and stay fit, to maintain good health, and for us, age is literally just a number. 

Our bodies all age at different rates and there are some extremely fit and active older adults, and sadly some very unfit younger adults. 

So we don't care how old your birth certificate says you are. We are all young at heart, aren't we? 

What we do consider, is your physical fitness and medical history, and we treat ALL people with the same degree of care and attention. 

Here are some of the classes we offer under the older adult banner, now to be known as the FIT4ALL group of classes.

Zumba Gold

A lower intensity version of the regular Zumba class, this session is ideal for anyone who loves music and dance but prefers low impact moves and a gentler pace all round. A lot of the songs and dances are the same but have been modified specifically to appeal to active older participants, beginners to exercise or those who just want to take things a little easier.



An all-round body workout for active mature exercisers. Taking into consideration the body’s changing needs as we get older, Mature Movers is a class which focusses on mobility, flexibility, balance and strength, as well as general wellbeing and heart health.   There isn’t a part of the system we leave out, as a lot of our clients have issues with hips, knees, shoulders, wrists and hands, we are careful to deliver exercises for the whole body, in a way that encourages the participants to continue the work we do when they leave the studio and are at home.


Active Movers


Similar to Mature Movers in its ethos, this class is for any age group, but focusses on specific issues that may be caused through illness, injury or lifestyle. Often we find that people can be intimidated by a gym environment and so refrain from the vital physical exercise that we all need.  Active Movers is open to everyone, and everyone who attends is there with a common goal – to improve upon the fitness level that they have and generate a more healthy lifestyle.


Chair Based Exercise has traditionally been viewed as something we reserve for nursing homes. Well - not any more!

Gina has written a bespoke chair based exercise programme for Community Fitness Network and, as their special populations tutor, has trained hundreds of instructors over the UK to deliver the new version of Chair Fitness. 

Your chair is a really versatile piece of kit, found almost anywhere you would go.  We aim to deliver specifically-designed sessions to suit those who choose to take a chair, with the idea that the exercises can be replicated outside of our classes too. 



The love of dance and all things ballroom, brought to a chair based exercise class. Gina is the UK's Master Trainer for this fitness programme, where latin and ballroom dances seen on BBC's Strictly come dancing are made accessible to those who choose to use a chair for their exercise classes.

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