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Created by Ian Waite and Natalie Lowe from BBCs Strictly Come Dancing,  this is a dazzling dance fitness class which combines authentic ballroom and latin steps with fitness principles to create routines which are easy to follow, but deliver excellent results.



The original dance fitness party class! Zumba uses different styles of music and rhythms from around the world, mixing speeds, intensities and style of movement to create a hot calorie-burning workout that is so much fun, it’s hard to tell you ARE working out!  Zumba is for everyone, no dance experience is necessary and no partners either.

In Zumba, you never have to fear that you might go the wrong way, or do the wrong move, because we just call those moments ‘unexpected solos’!

Zumba gold

Using the same great music as a regular Zumba class, the moves are modified to create a lower impact session, ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy the same great session, but at a more gentle pace. We often use the same music, even the same choreography, but the modifications put in place make this an entirely accessible class, suitable for all! 


Zumba Toning

Using the same great music as a regular Zumba class, the moves are modified and weighted shaker sticks are provided to add additional work to the arms, shoulders and upper body in general. A great way to add fitness effects to your Zumba workout!


Bums Legs and Tums

A traditional aerobics and body-conditioning class that targets those all important areas that people tend  to focus on! We deliver a short standing warm-up with additional standing resistance band work, then proceed to the floor where the work balance shifts to specific mat exercises for abdominals, glutes and all the major leg muscles. Always finishing with a thorough stretch, this class is a time-tested favourite.


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