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An hour’s class, divided into sections of different disciplines.  Perfect for people starting out in fitness, because each section only lasts 10-15 minutes, perfect for enthusiasts, because you can really go for it for up to 15 minutes, if you want to!  We combine different fitness formats to make and ideal balanced class. Aerobics, Step, FitStix, Kettles, Resistance bands, free weights, pilates- the list is endless!

Bums Legs and Tums

A traditional body-conditioning class that targets those all important areas that people tend  to focus on! We deliver a short standing warm-up with additional standing resistance band work, then proceed to the floor where the work balance shifts to specific mat exercises for abdominals, glutes and all the major leg muscles. Always finishing with a thorough stretch, this class is a time-tested favourite .


Circuits is an excellent way to up your fitness game, with a diverse range of exercises pre-set in different 'stations'. Each station is worked in rotation, on a timer, with different muscle groups being targetted throughout. You can vary the intensity to suit yourself, so everyone gets what they need out of the same class. 


HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. This allows you to push yourself to the limit and maximise the results from one hour's training. High intensity intervals (usually of one minute) are mixed with shorter, lower intensity 'rest' periods, so you can catch your breath before you're ready to go again! A full body workout which is extremely popular with great results. 


One weighted piece of equipment and a multitude of moves we can make with it! Kettlebells is an excellent calorie-burner and a great strength and conditioning class. All equipment is provided.


ABSolutions is a concept designed by Gina which targets the core muscles of the torso, in particular the abdominals. It’s impossible to target the abs without working the rest of the torso, and so we do in fact work the whole of the upper body.

The class is non-dance, set either on mats or seated on steps, with weights bands and balls all supplied as an optional enhancement, should you wish to use them.

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