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I have been a qualified Fitness Instructor since 1994, and my knowledge and experience has helped me help countless people in the past. I've been working solo for ten years, and now the prospect of Gina and I getting back together and forming a new, strong and vibrant business is very exciting. 

My passion for fitness has never faltered, and I love teaching HIIT classes, Step, Circuits, Aerobics classes, and of course, Pilates. 

Pilates is such a valuable tool for people to practice if they want to build strength without bulk and gain true alignment to help with pain management. 

The mix and balance of offerings now available at our combined Studio is second to none, and we can't wait to see where it takes us, and our clients! 



I have always loved dance and music along with many of my family members . My time with bodybasics all started when I attended my first Zumba class with a friend and fell in love with it . From then I became part of the team and took my first training in Fitsteps in 2013.

I am a qualified ETM instructor, also qualified to teach Step, Kettles and chair based exercise.

The love of learning has not stopped since, and I am now a Level 3 instructor specialising in Older Adults and a qualified Parkinson's Pro instructor.

I have also trained to deliver many branded fitness programmes, including Zumba, FitSteps, Clubbercise, Boogie Bounce and others. 

I love teaching my Zumba classes as I love the music and rhythms and I just like to shake my butt 😂😂. I like to think I teach a well balanced, high energy, fun , friendly and motivating class. But why don’t you decide for yourself and join me 😜



I had along-standing antipathy towards exercise, but family history and a health scare made me go in search of something I could try, and stick at.  I had always loved dancing and in 2009 Gina's Zumba classes arrived on the scene, and I was hooked. 

I went on to join the BODYbasics team, trained in Exercise to Music, kettle bells, FitSteps and Veraflow, and of course, Zumba!


My classes are judgement free and supportive so don't worry if you are new to exercise, I will support you in your journey. If you have your doubts about exercise then don't! All you need to do is find something you enjoy doing and with the range of classes offered at The Studio, you stand a pretty good chance.

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I have aways loved dance, and music. I attended classes with BodyBasics just after lockdown, and Gina asked me if i was an instructor (pparently, I looked like i was!) 

Since that day, the idea was firmly in the back of my mind, and so, in early 2023, i took the plunge and trained to be a FitSteps Instructor. 

Although I am early on in my fitness journey, I am loving it and cannot wait to see where it leads me. 

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I hold many fitness certifications, ranging from that first ETM Level 2, including add-on L2 certificates in circuit training, kettlebell and Step. I also hold L2 Fitness Pilates, Level 3 Pre and Post Natal, Level 3 Exercise for Active Older Participants, Chair-Based Exercise, and Parkinson's Pro Instructor. I also hold a Level 4 PTLLS, Tutor and Assessor Qualification, which has enabled me to become a tutor of fitness courses; a natural career progression for me.

I am a licensed Zumba instructor and have had an absolute pleasure teaching this programme since 2009.  I love being able to compliment my formal training experience and qualifications with a programme that remains fresh and popular and feeds my love of, and passion for, all things dance fitness related.

I am truly excited to be working again with Lyndsey! The time is right, life has gone full circle, and between us, with the help of the team, we will be bringing a balanced and varied programme in to offer people.



My fitness journey began in 1998 when i first attended Gina’s Step Reebok classes which I loved, and that right there was where the passion started for group exercise and a love for music and routine. I became in instructor in 2011. and my CV includes ETM, Step, Kettles, boxercise, Zumba, fitstepsand more!  I love to learn new choreography and matching it to some great music from all decades! My main passion now is for Clubbercise which combines club music and atmoshpere with more traditional aerobics dance routines. I love the great sense of friendship that is built with fellow fitness fanatics, whether instructors or clients, beginners and regulars.I like to think I am a positive bouncy individual with a thirst for improving fitness levels for myself as well as our clients. I hope to see you in a class soon!



I took my B1 Zumba training in may 2013 after taking part in many classes. From there i joined the BodyBasics team as a Zumba instructor which then took me on to many new skills. I gained my ETM qualification and a Kettlebells qualification, both of which i thoroughly enjoyed.

I teach a class called 'triple mix' which is an all over body workout, targeting key areas of the body. It is a combination of a simple but effective step routine for cardio, moving on to toning of the arms and legs using a kettlebell, before heading on to the floor for the ab section. The mix of different disciplines keeps this class fresh and exciting.

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